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23rd December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

My computer won't run the game Messiah. First some specs: My computer = Win XP Home (says it is compatible on the messiah box) computer also complies with all the requirements. Messiah has 2 discs, Disc 1 also contains a patch which I have also tried but didn't help. Now the annoying part: If you put CD1 in it says to insert CD2 and doesn't do anything. If you put CD 2 in it says to insert the CD ROM, you put CD1 in and it doesn't do anything.:mad: I've tried uninstalling it, re-installing it, Re-Installing it while it is still installed, using the two different disc drives, Using the patch and so on...:mad: :mad: This one time it did say Mesiah was not exited properly, would you like to start in safe mode, which I did and it went directly to the new game, load game etc menu and I clicked New Game and I got into the game and i could not move. I could jump and look around, but I could only walk backwards in a straight line. And anyone who has tried it will tell you, you can only walk backwards in a straight line so far before you get blocked by objects, walls or other people (possibly walking backwards). AAAAAAAAAAAnyway. Apart from that the most I have got it to respond is to show some advert for another game and then show all the logos of the developers etc, and then it just goes straight back to the desktop. There is the option in the start menu to run 'Messiah D3D' or 'Messiah 3DFX' Whenever you go for the 3DFX one it always says that some .dll file is missing, so I've always had to choose the D3D option. Any suggestions?