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#1 14 years ago

lets all just bragg about our systems which have nothing to do with the subject of programs heres mine: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Machine name: The Best In The World Operating System: Microsoft Windows Xp Infinity Language: English, American, Greek and other made up languages System Manufacturer: Myself System Model: xxdiamondxxthexxbest BIOS:The best BIOS ever made! Processor: Pentium 7 , 7.7mhz (got to be quick for all my fans!) System Fans: 123 (never be to carefull of my system overheating you see) Memory: 999MB (you can never have enough junk on your system) Moniter: Flat screen, with 3 shiny cables) Extra system stuff: A parrot, I click it and it does something wildly funny DirectX Version: DirectX 9999.999 DX Setup Parameters: Always found DxDiag Version: thats my one of a kind computer lol, well it ain't really I only got a alienware but seem as you are showing off your systems I did. well, I know nothing about this topic, I just hit it by accident and now im here talkinga bout my made up computer...


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#2 14 years ago

Congrats. You just revived a 5 year old thread :rolleyes: Don't do it again.