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11th July 2003

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Quantum Legacy is a cool new "free" MMORTS that is available for download NOW!

Quantum Legacy Overview:

At the core of Quantum Legacy is a Persistent World, Massive Multiplayer, Real Time Strategy game. Those who choose to enter its world will fight for control of one planet split in three time periods.

While the Massive Multiplayer aspect is what may attract most users, standard "on time" Death-match and Co-op game modes as well as a complex Single Player story and gameplay are also available.

The Game World:

The world of Quantum Legacy is both persistent and complex. It never sleeps, and the action never stops. Even if the players are not logged in, their units and buildings will stand ground and defend their territory.

The world can also be changed by the user to give strategic advantages, or simply to create catastrophic events. Lakes and bodies of water may be drained, polar ice caps can be melted to flood the enemy, and land can be eradicated with radiation to prevent all but the most resilient units from mining the resources. These are only a few of the possible actions that may be taken by the players.

Single Player Experience:

The single player mode is designed to give new users a better understanding of the game, as well as to tell a complex story behind the Quantum Legacy universe.

The story is seen through eyes of the field commander (you) whose actions and decisions shape both the future and the past of the second planet in the Saltus solar system.

The main character in the saga is your "sub-commander" Col. Seth Blair. All major events in the history of the planet revolve around him in some way. You will witness his tragic life and understand your purpose in the history of this world; the history, that you will create, destroy, and re-write time and time again.

Standard Multiplayer Experience:

In the tradition of all standard Real-time Strategy Games, the users will be able to find other players to play online in various multiplayer modes. These include but are not limited to Death-match, Team Death-match, and Co-op vs. AI units. Up to 16 human opponents can choose to participate for control of one sector on the surface of the planet.

As an added twist to the strategy, most of these modes can also be played in multiple time periods, creating a Real-time Strategy experience that has never been created in any other game of this genre.

Massive Multiplayer Online Experience:

This is by far the most complex of the game modes.

The user will first choose his alliance: FTA, Globex, Phoenix One or SDF.

FTA and Globex are available to all players. Phoenix One will be "unlocked" by the most skilled and advanced users, and SDF (the planet's police force) is only available to the Moderators and Administrators of the game.

Starting in the "present", the user will be able to purchase a basic mining and military force and select a sector on the planet's surface to claim as their own. If the sector is not currently occupied (or is occupied by an ally or an active enemy player) few restrictions are placed on the user. His time on the surface is un-restricted, and as long as there is no competition around, all of the sector's resources are his to claim. If however the sector is already occupied by the enemy who is not currently online to supervise his forces, the user may be granted only a limited time on the surface in order to prevent "easy takeovers" by other players who decided to attack un-supervised units.

Depending on how many sectors are occupied by other players in the area, the size of the player's army as well as his game experience, he may be granted the right to occupy other sectors on the planet and expend his force.

Once enough resources have been collected by the user (and his tech-tree allows it) the player will be able to construct a Quantum Time Gate that will allow him to take a small fighting force into the future. Depending on what units the player created in the present, he may find some or all of them still active and already fighting for his cause when he arrives.

As the player expands his force, he may also try to establish presence in the far future, and send reinforcements back through time to help him defeat the enemy. Great care must be taken to protect his forces in the past since their destruction would mean death of all other units in the same sector of the later time periods.

Alliances may be formed by the players, as well as others can be "hired" for a specific task or cause. All of this can be used to aid the completion of various game "quests".

Unlike many other MMO games, the quests have been already "foretold" by the "prophets" of the planet. Their results can also be seen in the future, since there, these events have already occurred, and are written in the history books (seen and read by all of the players). Some events however are not yet written. These events are unseen by the prophets and the history, since they are created by the time travelers themselves; by those who read the past, and will now use that knowledge to re-write it, and change the planet's timeline once again. If you are lucky enough to be the one to trigger such events (either by understanding the history yourself, or by using various hints given the by the game's ongoing story) you will see the world of Saltus change before your eyes as your name and actions are added to the history of future generations.

The story of the planet (or the history, depending on how you see it) will unfold over the period of 1-2 earth years.

Quantum Legacy Engine:

Using a brand new generation of 3D engines, the game was designed to be played in a cross platform environment, including the ability to support most operating systems and standard browsers. If the browser mode is chosen, no installation is required, as the game auto-configures itself for your computer and stream all needed content automatically to your system.

In addition, the data driven engine features a very powerful scripting language and modification system. Players will be able to create their own graphics, sounds and 3D models, and then distribute them freely to other Quantum Legacy users. Their "mods" or total conversions will stream and install automatically much like the rest of the game's content, allowing users to bypass the tedious aspects associated with most engine modifications found in other games.

Addons, Mods and Total Conversions:

Aside from "official campaigns" and "addons" (which would be released on regular basis) each registered user will be able to create their own game Modifications. A custom scripting language and in-game level editor will allow anyone to create their own maps and scenarios.

If the user wishes to change more content, they will be able to create their own terrain textures and sounds to be distributed to others. All content will have to be hosted on a public web server. Since most ISP's today provide 5-10 megabytes of web space to their customers, almost anyone will be able to use this feature.

If even more creative changes are required, the users will be able to create their own models and "texture packets" to modify almost any aspect of the game.

New model creation can be done using software such as 3D Studio Max and Maya (a number of other software packages will be supported as well). Once a model is created (this can be a new unit, object, mesh or decal) properties may be assigned to it using the same scripting language commands used throughout the game.

For example, giving a name similar to "M02 M01 Y ALL 20" will tell the engine that the selected mesh will act as turret for this unit. Similarly, other properties may be assigned just by changing the name of the mesh. This, in addition to new database entries will allow the user to change all other properties of the new model or unit.

Very few restrictions are placed on your creative drive. The model can have any number of polygons and use any texture of your choice (all your work will be imported and distributed automatically). It is also unrestricted of what your new model/mesh can "be" inside the game world (it can be a rock, a new bridge, a new terrain patch, new tank or super-weapon, brand new "game effect", or any other object within the engine).

While it is almost impossible to describe the process in this section, rest assured that with enough understanding of the engine (and skill), totally different "games" (complete with their own unique menus and GUI interface) maybe created using the Quantum Legacy engine (these types of complex "modifications" will be known as "Total Conversions").

If you have ever wanted to create your own RTS game, Quantum Legacy may provide you with this opportunity without a need for knowledge of game programming, physics, or the know-how of distributing your game instantly to thousands of other players.

All information is (C)opyright 2003, Four Thirty One Interactive, All rights reserved