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#1 14 years ago

I was playing Zielona Gora a few days ago, and I tried hopping on top of a rock, figuring that maybe I'd be on top of it to shoot from. Instead, when I proned, from third person view it looked like I was inside the rock, with just the muzzle of my rifle sticking out from the rock. Just in case I was seeing things, I stayed for a few minutes to see if anyone noticed me there. Even as a dozen or so Germans walked by, nobody took any shots at me. I was displaced moments later when a friendly Kat rocket came crashing down on me :o I'm not sure if it's just an isolated thing, but the rock was in a cluster of rocks in the northeast side of the map, halfway between the top base where an APC and arty spawn, and the east base, with a clear view of the bombed out house to the south.