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26th March 2001

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#1 17 years ago

YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!! smile.gif This bloody great news! LALALALALA! Do the patch dance! DOO DOOO DEE DAA DOOO! Do the patch dance! biggrin.gif Yeah! Long live Sac! You can't defeat us! smile.gif *Runs around the room singing* smile.gifsmile.gif

------------------ For a long time ago, when B&W was only on the paper, I heard of Sacrifice. Directly when I saw it, I wanted it! My eyes just burned through all previews fast as lighting. I wanted the game, now! But it was a long time ago as mentioned, I actually wanted B&W more than Sacrifice. I couldn´t wait no more, so I ordered it from the net. One cloudy day, November 27th to be exact, a little note was found in the mailbox. Because of my age, I couldn´t get it by myself so I called my parents. When I got the game, I installed it fast as lightning. To think of it, I liked it extremly much, and when B&W came, I didn´t like it as much as Sacrifice. I played, played, I saw people come and go, newbies became masters, I saw the game evolve, maps were made, maps were deleted, everything changed, clans died and were reborn, players changed their name, some players insulted me but faced a painful death some minutes after. I still play Sacrifice, and to everybody that don´t wanna be a newbie, I can say: -Play, play and play! No matter how much you play, it can only make you better! I´m not the best player in the world, but I can easily beat a newbie.

This is my story about the game Sacrifice, the game I like billions of times more than other games...

-Senior member of Jakal´s Tribe!