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15th July 2003

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#1 15 years ago is pleased to announce our first ever skinning contest. We are looking to see who can create the best Player Skin for sof2.


-Skins must not be previously released. We are looking for original skins, not something created a year ago that's been on for a long time.

-No sounds should be included with the skin

-Skins must be included in a .pk3 file with a readme.txt all inside a .zip file

-Deadline for submissions is Aug 10th, all submissions should be sent to [email][/email]

------------------------------------------------------- Also... is going through some dark times. Things are just in general slow. Our traffic and new users are slowly declining, and since the opening of the site only about 3 people have submitted anything.

We need the sof2 community's help. The site is for you guys, so use it. We offer many things such as free website hosting, free forum hosting, news, hard to find content for modding such as prefabs and tutorials, our forums are a great spot for mapping help, and contests. So quit being lazy, we know you all have a map review or something to submit to us, and from posting here I know you all are more then proficient in forum posting.

We are also looking for new staff. I am cleaning out the staff. Right now only Me, MK, and Yoshi are the only people alive. We are looking for people to post news, write articles, make map and server reviews. If you can do any of those things and would like to help keep alive then contact me ASAP!!!!!!!!

Email/MSN = [email][/email] Aim = spoon1487