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13th August 2003

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#1 16 years ago

This is a very well made fighting game. I have the Gamecube version (which is supposedly the best), and I think it is one of the most well-made games out there. The graphics and gameplay are smooth,the characters are all pretty much evenly matched, and the Weapon Master mode has a good plot. One feature I like is the fact that the character's moves are listed in the Command List on the pause menu. This is really useful, because manuals are easy to lose, and not included in rented or used games. Also, in practice mode, you can select a move from the Command List for the computer to demonstrate, so you know if you do it right or not. Also, I think the fact that you can get more than one weapon for each character is a good way to make a character fit your style better, as the weapons affect their stats. No two characters have the same weapon, and even if they do, it's just because everyone get a demonic sword called Soul edge, but it morphs to fit the wielder's needs, so you can't call it the same weapon for two people. Also, the Weapon Master mode is sort of a fighting game RPG, so if you like Tekken and Final Fantasy, this game is for you.