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25th June 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Are you tired of not ever seeing anyone in your orginization online? Are you tired of people that "game the game", team-kill, exploit, cheat or grief other players? Are you tired of infighting, politics, lack of structure and no communication from the Command staff? SO WERE WE! Are you looking for a mature group of players that follow a strict code of conduct (that's enforced), and yet still remember that you're playing a game? Are you looking for 24/7 dedicated OC-48 rack mounted communications server, active community with over 100,000 posts in the last 6 months, and members that help each other with real life problems as well as game related and computer issues? Are you looking for a group that has weekly meetings, training on basic and advanced topics and real life get togethers? Do you want to be a part of a group that was recognized in the USA Today?!? usatoday_feature.gif WE CREATED IT! Sturmgrenadier At Sturmgrenadier we have all the right tools in place and we know how to use them. We have:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Charter
  • Command staff of mostly ex-military
  • OC-48 rack mounted communications server that has successfully held over 130 members in one channel with no break-up
  • Very active community forums with over 100,000 posts in the last 6 months
  • Awards and recognitions for members
  • Ranks that can be earned to further the online experience
  • Over 800 members across 4 games

This is the gaming home you've always dreamed of. You can always find someone online. You can enjoy the comraderie of 800 people linked to a common purpose. Sturmgrenadier has expanded the barriers of what could be considered a typical group and become more of a Gamers Club. Like most clubs SG has implemented a dues system to offset the cost of services. 12 dollars a YEAR. Thats 1 dollar a month. All dues are returned to the members through giveaways and paying for the server and forums. An open accounting plan is in place for members review. SG is also contracting to have T-shirts and hats made for our members to purchase. Some quotes from members: QUOTE

SG has made me believe again. After the tumultous downfall of my last Large gameing clan, I was begining to think that it wouldnt work. The only way to play was with your small group of friends. Thank You SG for proving me wrong. SG has also taught me that you can be a big organization and still avoid all the bull that is associated with it. After playing EQ for a long long time I got tired of everyone else putting themselves above everyone else. This me first mentality was freekin annoying. SG has shown that this can be avoided on a large scale. On a smaller scale things like this will always happen its human nature, it when things like this happnen on a large scale that things get really ugly internally, with SGs experienced command staff and official stance of not putting up with Bull, I dont think this will be an Issue.


Mature. Anyone who has spent any time on massive multiplayer online games knows the pain of meeting leet dewds and griefers. These are often unsupervised children who are developing sociopathic tendencies which would shock thier parents. SG is a haven from that. Our conduct ingame and in public forums is impeccible. It is a source of pride to part of a group which conducts itself with the image of the whole as the paramount concern. And that image is not one of elitism, but confidence.


Ive been in SG since ealry June 2001. I was the first european member in SG. Ever since my online gaming life has become dedicated to SG. every game i play, i appended my name with SG regardless whether SG have anything to do with it all. The guys are some of the greatest ive ever met, and even tho i have never met any of them face to face, i consider a lot of them my friends. There are guys that i would have never had the oppurtunity to meet in real life. I think ive said this before, but sometimes SG is a life support group disguised as a gaming clan.

Throughout the trials and tribulations of constructing this syndicate, one theme has been prominent. It is repeated at every meeting and often quoted throughout the forums. When we started this group Spoon said, "It's all about you the members. Without you, we are nothing. Thank you for your support." "Without you we are nothing." It is a plaque that hangs on the virtual walls of every command staff members office. It is true. It is practiced. It is the foundation upon which every decision is made. This is THE group you have been waiting for. Join today! Visit us at