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#1 13 years ago

Alright, so i just installed FH from PC gamers 2004 Dvd, and the 0.66 patch from the website there, so why are most of my textures still grey? (aka Non existant) ive installed the latest video drivers for my Geforce Mx 420 (64Meg) (thats the problem isnt it) but most of the vehicles and All aircrafts are still Grey! some weapons aswell i read that the installation is sensitive, (reinstalled once already to get all the maps cause i was looking here during first install) so i left my computer alone during Both installations.. i dont get why the textures are still grey


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#2 13 years ago

I dunno what-all is on that DVD, but I've reports of "no textures" before, and the usual response is "did you install all three parts of the .65 package?" May or may not be the case here, but since I was in the area... hope this helps.