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1st January 2003

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#31 18 years ago

calling the xbox a pc eh? well the ps2 actually has firewire and usb ports. hehe, and uses keyboards now whats a computer - xbox is just hacked into being a pc, ps2 already is one (and so is GC, but hasnt been hacked yet / hard drive ported in, etc)


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29th December 2002

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#32 18 years ago

u've got a point the GC is now officially a P.C lol

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23rd August 2000

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#33 18 years ago

Where is the sound quality talk in all of this? :(

it's hard to play a game, with no sound... ;)

what's everybody's opinion on sound? ;)


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23rd August 2002

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#34 18 years ago

GC and X-box are good, but really sound depends on the games