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12th August 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Still having problems playing 1.9.

I can connect to servers and play...but if i get kicked (for any reason) or change server, the game -and my connection to internet- go heywire(?).

I can do the rifle-range and first class of medic-training...(once!)..before the game and my connection collapses, but i can´t ever update my scores and go to the next level...

Never been able to log on to my account, neither to update training scores or just to log on...

I´ve followed all the installation instructions for 1.9 (including deleting all old 1.7 files, directory too), have done this like five times..

I´ve "updated" my 'user.ini' file with the "[IpDrv.AuthServerLink] AuthTimeout=10.000000" sequence to take care of the "time out error"...

I installed Zonealarm since i heard many users got helped by it...

I´ve heared about all the Motorola SB4200 (cable modem) users that have problems playing...and the recommendation to uppgrade the firmware to SB4200- (or SB4200-

I use the SB4200E (E = european version) with firmware SB4200E- and it (since i´m writing this) obviously don´t work...and my ISP can´t provide any later firmware... :furious:

However, a friend of mine uses the same modem (but from another ISP) with a different (later?) firmware -SB4200E- and 1.9 is working perfectly for him...

Also heard about the UDP broadcasts in 1.9 (different from the tcp-searches in 1.7) causing problems for some ISPs... :confused:

My question to you all (especially to all u computer-skilled techies (?) :thumbsup: that i know is out there) is:

ANYONE have any experience of this kind of problems? ...and any suggestions how to solve it? U think it´s enough to update the firware or do u think the problem lies at my ISP (whos support-crew has less technical knowledge than an iraki nuclear-weapons scientist :mad: ) ?

I´ll appriciate ANY suggestions how to solve my problems...all i want is to be able to play AA again...and plz forgive me for poor spelling :deal: (english isn´t my first language)

Thx / -HOBBES-



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21st March 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Sounds like you know more about you're prob. than most of us. I guess you might need to blame your ISP. Sounds like you're internet connection is dropping and reconnecting sporratically. You would not notice this while browsing the net, but you would while gaming... Do you get dropped downloads? Zone alarm does help, but for it to work effectively, you need to ONLY use it as your primary firewall. Which means you have to drop your hardware firewall or it continues to block data packets that zone alarm has been configured to allow through. Look into setting up you p.c. as a DMZ and test your game again. I probably didn't help, but I like to try...