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30th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I would like to take a few seconds and tell you all about one of the best clans out there [Time] Clan! We have been around for a little bit over a year and a half! From the beginning we have been playing in ladders and competing online. We started out in MOHAA and went as high as 15th place on some of the ladders we were active in at different times. We stopped competing in MOHAA and moved on to COD competitive playing! Now we are at it again and we are having a blast. Unfortunately some of our members didn’t make the transition and we are looking for new skilled players that are willing to work hard and have fun competing in COD ladders.

Some of the things you get with Time you don’t get with other clans:

2 BIG 32 man COD dedicated servers running on major backbones. Each with 8 private slots for our members so that they can get in on the fun when ever they want. One running Search and Destroy and the other running Team Death match. There IP’s are and!

A big 100 man Dedicated Teamspeak server so we can hang out, practice, play games and BS together and communicate real time and effectively when we compete!

Four different ladders and if we get more people more ladders then that, so that anyone who wants to play in a match can when they want to!

We also have fun practices almost every day, focusing on special weapon use like snipers, or smgs, and even grenadiers! As well as two big practices a week for clan members to get specific strategies down and teamwork down to do in matches.

An awesome PHP site with custom modules for forums, shout boxes, and matches that display when the latest matches are coming up and if there are openings for players to sign up on the roster!

We also have fun competing with each other; we have come up with different fun ways to compete for Time clan awards in house. Like bashing ex-members, esteemed allies, HQ members, and people we love to hate! We also have weapon qualifications for each weapon that have you competing for who is, really the rifle god. It’s intense, fun and competitive. We also have a strict rank structure thru hard work and effort you can climb through the ranks and win awards.

Did I mention that for all that you don’t have to pay a dime of membership fee and you never will! All we ask is you come serious, and willing to follow orders and work hard to make Time the best clan out there! You never cheat, you respect the senior guy’s ranks, and you remain loyal to Time and most of all relax and have some fun!

We accept ages 14 and up but most of our members are 18 and up! So if you think you are interested come jump on our TeamSpeak at, our servers and, our website at , or you can email me at [email="TimeFuse@timeclan.com"]TimeFuse@timeclan.com[/email]. Or all of the above!

Time has been around for a long time, we have had times where there where 6 people like now and we have had as much as 35 people in our clan. We picked Time because we are immortal; it goes on and on and doesn’t give up. Time always wins!

TimeFuse, GOA

Time Clan, CO.



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30th December 2003

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#2 16 years ago

i think u posted it in the wrong game section. this is for americas army not call of duty