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25th February 2002

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Here are the Q&A's from the Triforce Trivia Friday, July 26th, 2002!

Questions 1.What was the name of Nintendo's President when they were producing playing cards? 2. What was his relationship to Hiroshi Yamauchi? 3. What was the name of the playing cards produced by Nintendo? 4. How many trophies are there in Super Smash Bros.? 5. Who created Ultrahand and then the first ever lightgun? 6.What is Koji Kondo famous for? 7. What Cartoon Character Here and Villian were supposed to Star in the game that later became 'Donkey Kong'? 8. Where did Shigeru Miyamoto get inspiration for Pikmin from? 9. What were N64, GCN, and GBA codenamed? 10. Who invented the Gameboy and Game and Watch? 11. How many levels are there in Mario Bros.? 12. What was the first Resident Evil game appeared on a Nintendo Console and waht Conolse was it? 13. What is the name of Link's sister? 14. What is Nintendo GameCube's clock frequency? 15. What are Nintendo GameCube's main unit dimensions? 16. What is Nintendo's GameCube disc media based on? 17. How many rings(Half-Circles) make up Mario's Mustache? 18. What year was Nintendo founded? 19. Why are the initails 'GCN' rather then 'NGC'? 20. Where was Eternal Darkness made(Country)? 21. How many Boo's do you have to catch in Luigi's Mansion? 22. What third-party devloper is devloping F-Zero? Answer: 1. Fusejiro Yamauchi 2. Grandfather 3. Hanafunda 4. None 5. gunpei yokoi 6. Composing Music for Nintendo Games 7. Popeye the Sailorman and Brutus 8. While in his Garden 9. Reality (N64) Dolphin (GCN) and Atlantis (GBA) 10: Gunpei Yokoi 11. Infinite 12. RE 2 on N64 13. Arill 14. 202.5 MHz 15. 150 mm (width) x 110 mm (height) x 161 mm (depth) 16. Matsushita's Optical Disc technology 17. 6 18. 1899 19. Because NGC was already comyrighted by the Nevada Gaming Commission 20. Cananda 21. 50 22. Sega