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27th June 2003

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#1 16 years ago

posted this in the mods forum but im going to cross post to get an answer(sorry mods)

Hey Hey all, ive been off playing BF and a few MMORPGs since about 1.3.0, but im back now and I have always wondered, how do I map whole lines of txt to a single key. Ive seen people running along reloading and screaming orders on the radio and im pretty sure they are using some kind of txt macro right?

Well I woul be very appreciative if someone will post a detailed way to do this, thats easy(ish) for a computer dunce like me:P As long as its legal gameplay ofc.

One last thing, Ive seen loads of star trek rank badges on some posters, do i smell GFL?


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28th May 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Easy...this is known as key binding....

In your system folder of AA:O (c:\program files\army ops\system by default), find the file called user.ini. Find the key corresponding to the key you want to bind and type what you want after it.

If you want to say something to everyone on the map by pressing the a key, you'd have "a=say Blah blah blah blah" and when you press it in game, you'd have "Blah Blah Blah Blah" said to everyone on the channel you're on.


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12th June 2003

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#3 16 years ago

Can't you also go to the console when ur not in a game type in keybind 5 then pressing 5 will say ur message.??


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8th August 2002

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#4 16 years ago

I never tried it but i m sure it will work.