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29th September 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Evil Clan is a clan of mature players that just want to have fun, but we take our games seriously. We do compete in the TWL leagues and are currently rung #9 in the 4v4.

We are comprised of two platoons, one is the competing platoon. Of course everyone whom wants in this paltoon must try out. This is the platoon that competes in leagues and scrimmages.

We also have a fun platoon for those that wish only to play in-game with a squad for fun. It's also a learning platoon to learn how to work as a team and such. This one you do not need to try out for.

For all of those interested our website is:


please email all applicants to: [email]evil_clan@hotmail.com[/email]

we meet in IRC on a regulare basis and thus being a member it is vital to having it. Our IRC location is: Server: IRC.Homelan.com Channel: #evilclan

We are looking for a few dedicated competitve players, although we will recruit any fun platoon interestees.