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10th November 2003

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#1 15 years ago

The weird part is that on some maps it freezes more than on others. on IC it doesn't freeze at all, but on SF map, the server I played on yesterday, every 15 sec my screen freezes for 7-10 seconds,and then it's back to normal again, and then 15 sec later it happens again for 7-10sec.

Here are my specs: AMD Athlon XP2200 (not Barton) 512 Megs RAM 60 Gig WDC (3gigs left on each of three partitions) V9280 ViVo Asus Gforce 4200 with mem speed of 4400/DX9 ofcourse Earthlink Cable - 512kbps down, 128 - up.

I really like my vcard and don't want to pay 512$ for a new Asus Radeon 9800 XT with ViVo.

At first I thought it was my PC, since when I tried to play UT2003 it did the same thing, but then I was playing Wolfenstein ET from the Gentoo bootable CD and it sometimes did that too, not as often to stop playing, but often enough to irritate. So I installed it on HD (downloaded for WinXP Pro) no freezing this time, and then I heard about AAO 2.0 and installed the patch. And now this happens of SF maps, but again, sometimes more often than others. btw, is AAO 2.0 disigned for vcards with DX9? how heavy does it rely on new DX9 bells and whistles? my card doesn't support DX9, though I still have it installed (I had too).

Any advice greatly appreciated

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24th December 2003

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#2 14 years ago

Hy Hamster me I got the same problem. XP sp1 prof., newwest nvidia 53.03, AMD 1400, GForce 4 ti4200, DX 9b Any help appreciated....



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7th November 2003

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#3 14 years ago

Oh man, I know exactly how you feel and let me tell you I lost track of everything I did to get rid of this problem. I'll try to puke up some stuff and hopefully it will help you in some way. First, no you don't have to have DX9, 8.1 will do, and if your card doesn't support 9, then change back would be a good idea. The momentary freezing I was experiancing was actually from the servers not my card. Update ALL drivers-extremely important that you do this. Read these to links if you haven't already they are great and will help you in one way or another: You didn't state what type of modems you guys have, but beware of the Motorola 4200, definately update its firmware. Also I believe its the 7100 or 7800 ppl have experianced problems also. While in game use consule, the tilda key, and use stat net to monitor one, your ping rate which is for the most part accurate and if you get hugh spikes adjust your netspeed in 500 increments(start at mabey for DSL 6500) working to about 9000. You can adjust on the fly in the consule by typing netspeed and then the value you choose. The second thing you want to watch(while using stat net) is your packet loss, this shouldn't go higher than 5 packets, I for the most part get none, on any server. But this packet loss can sometimes be confused with "lag/latentcy" or "freezing". There's other stuff but thats most of it, see if any of that helps, if not it will at least eliminate some of the obvious things that contribute to bad gameplay. Keep an eye on your this thread though because there are some talented ppl here that might see something with your hardware I don't, and I don't at the moment. And if anything else,........Have a Merry Christmas Cya guys!