WHAT!? A 'help the newb' post after all these years!? IMPOSSIBLE! -1 reply

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18th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Greetings! I am -G R U N T-, from the War3.com forums and I come to you in peace (assuming there are people still here at all...*notes that most threads have last posts from over 4 weeks ago*). I'm trying to get back into Sacrifice although i was never much into it in the first place, hence this post. What I want to know in particular is how to use Stratos' units? I've had a great deal of difficulty using them. For starters, early in the game, I find Frostwolves inferior to Scythes, Druids, and Cogs. But my biggest problem is using Vorticks, Squalls and Brainiacs effectively- they tend to miss quite a lot, and melee units can often get near enough to butcher them, even tier 1 units like Scythes o_0. So yeah, how does one go about using Stratos' units to their full potential? I find the other sides easy enough, particularly James which is actually my favourie, but I just wanna learn how to use Stratos :).


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10th November 2000

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#2 14 years ago

Hello GRUNT,

I was never good with Stratos myself, but the trick with Stratos is mini-management. You need to make well use of groups (select creatures and then Ctrl+0-9). E.g. if you got 4 frostwulves, I would make them 1 group and then create subgroups. So select all frostwulves and ctrl+1. Then select 2 frostwulves, ctrl+2. Select the other 2, ctrl+3. Use them to divide and conquer, such as attacking all manaliths at once. Use Stratos' speed and disrupt abilities to slow down the enemy and crush them with your speed (lightning recharges quite quickley).

I'm more a Pyro player, just keeping everything around the wizard...:)

I hope you will join multiplayer too, there are still some players (even newbies) around there. Cya


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26th March 2001

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#3 14 years ago

Lol, great that you answered, Idolater. I showed this forum to Grunt, and he decided to post here it seems.

Unfourtunately Grunt uses the "less legal" version of the game, and can because of that not play online with the latest patch. :uhm:


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25th January 2001

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#4 14 years ago

WHAT :thumbsdown: you mean such a thing exists? For shame apon you GRUNT :uhm:




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3rd February 2004

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#5 14 years ago

Use combinations of creatures in different squadrons. In one group, have frostwolves and brainiacs to attack. In another, have sylphs and vorticks in the back ranks. In the higher levels, use seraphs and frostwolves to attack, and have another group of brainiacs. Use a combination for guarding manaliths using sylphs, frostwolves, and brainiacs. If you're a higher level wizard, it may be a good idea to use higher a few level melee and ranged creatures, since it's a good chance that the other wizard is just as powerful as you are. If desecrating an altar, begin the desecration first (given that the other wizard is on the other side bearing the direction of your altar) and send flying creatures to attack the wizard's icon (usually an arrow) on the minimap. If the wizard starts to show up as a circle rather than an arrow, send a few frostwolves and/or other melee to take him/her down. This may be old information to you, and I by no means intend to insult your intelligence, but this is the best help I can give you.