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6th December 2003

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#911 16 years ago
'[WZFezarella']diffrent player skins

I second this. Granted that the main point of this game is an information/recruiting tool for the US Army, there are evidently quite a few here who are of other nationalities, and who would like the option of 'skins' representing their own nations' uniforms. It would certainly go a long way toward promoting the idea of allied action working in concert with the US Army.


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26th August 2003

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#912 16 years ago

Simply this. Make it run smoother. If nothing new was added to 2.1 but the game's code was compressed up so it wasn't the slow running program it is today with all the annoying errors, I'd be happy. UT2k3 has similar system requirements, same engine (AA uses Unreal engine, right?), better graphics IMO, and it runs faster and smoother. If AA is a bigger game, then I'm just being an idiot. If it's not, I think they need to work on making it run smoother and with fewer problems. There probably are larger files, but there has to be a way to rework it so it runs quicker and smoother. I'm sure they are trying, but stop adding stuff and fix whats already there!