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23rd February 2009

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#1 14 years ago

today i updated my ATI RADEON 9600 PRO vidcard to catalyst 4.10 this is the first time i have done this since the 4.2 driver. i never changed it because Bf'42 and the mods work fine, it's all i play. i was always limited to under 28 players because com. would lag, but 28 was enough. finally a buddy conviced me to update the card driver. suggesting i would be able to play with more people and maybe even better graphics. i'm afraid the complete opossite happened. now on my favorite servers i lag with 16 people and a 90 ping. it sucks. (needless to say my freiend is now buried and will never be found) I am asking for help or suggestions on setting up ATI's new 'control panel' window or where i can get 4.2 driver back? it seemed to work so well. ... :( any hints or suggestions on ATI's 9600 PRO card would be much appreciated.. thanks for your time.