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11th January 2003

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#1 16 years ago


I am here trying to remedy the situation, by posting what exactly it does, give a little backround on it, and provide a little preview of what to expect.

The Backround:

About 2-3 years ago started the production of Unreal Tournament 2003. Epic games was very excited about the development of this game, but one thing bothered them. This was the way the player models acted after they were dead. Say a character is killed on the edge of a cliff... the player model would not have its legs dangaling off the side, or its arms, it would just stay stiff, as if it were on solid ground. Epic games contacted MathEngine, a European company that promised it could fix Epics problem. So Epic said "Ok" and waited for the results. Once MathEngine was done with the engine, they gave it to Epic.What they came up with would revolutionize gaming forever. Epic could not believe what they had done. It had blown thier expectations, and had created the infamous "Karma Physics Engine."

What it does:

The Karma Physics Engine uses the very same laws of physics we run on. This engine gained the popular term "Ragdoll Engine," which is very much warrented considering what it does.

Please bare with me and picture this. I take a ragdoll (Very flimsy, and not sturdy at all) and go to the top of my stairs. I hold it by its head, and very gently push it downstairs. What do you expect would happen? The ragdoll would toss turn, and tumble until it did either one of two things.

1.) Lost momentum and could not continue 2.) Reached the bottom of the stairs.

This is exactly how Americas Army will work in the next patch. If you get killed on top of the stairs, you will tumble down the stairs. If you get kiled against a wall, you will lean against the wall.. ext... ext.

This engine elimiates the need for death animations, because death animations are rendered right at the time you are killed.

With the Karma, no two deaths are alike.

karma physics is being added to AA if u didn't know by now...


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16th June 2003

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#2 16 years ago

very well explained..i knew it was before but good explanation


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4th September 2002

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#3 16 years ago

Yea.. I knew what the Karma engine was... But I didnt know the background behind it :) very good explination and use of explaining it by the doll story.... Alot of people thought that ragdoll physics would improve how deaths looks.... In Unreal 2k3 and 2k4 they are over the top deaths.... I am sure that AA devs might tone it down a little to give it more realism.... but good post :)

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#4 16 years ago

no thats their own fault, with ragdoll you can edit how stiff or loose the body parts are and how heavy or light they are to give off a more realistic feel