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#791 13 years ago

Counter strike 1.6, Counter strike source.


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20th August 2007

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#792 13 years ago
Sgt.kar98;43378732 games I hated were Splinter Cell and Mission Impossible:Operation Surma. I still need to find out why people like hide and seek games.

It's hide-and-seek. You hide, the terrorists seek. But (in Splinter Cell, at least) you get to decide when you get to seek :D. It's quite fun if you are patient enough. Horrible games? Almost anything based on a movie, Runescape, anything relating to 'Nickelodeon or 'Cartoon Network' (that's on obvious one), card-based games on consoles (BUY A DAMN SET OF CARDS, DAMNIT!), Drake and the 99 Dragons, any Sonic game involving anyone besides Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Robotnik... That's all I can think of right now.

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#793 13 years ago

Hour of Victory. Look it up if you've not heard of it, it is not worthy of describing it at all.


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10th May 2008

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#794 13 years ago

REsident evil : Survivor in PSP, it was boring


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#795 13 years ago
cryingladies;4339994REsident evil : Survivor in PSP, it was boring

I don´t like Resident Evil serie either. The game might be awesome,but what ruins it totally it´s the camera view. You can´t see a hell in front of you and neither aim.