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3rd July 2003

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#21 17 years ago

Lvl: Insurgents Camp Side: Defense Weapon: M4 + Moshin

This for me is my favorite kill,not cause it's the most i've ever had in 1 round or anything,just purely for the feeling "I'm the Man coolness ;)" So i was on D and decided to storm,killed like 3 rushing the hill including the sniper.So naturally i took the Moshin and turning around i saw a guy runniong through tent area on the right side.So i was tracking him through the scope and he ran behind the cover of the tents.So i anticipated his movement,took a shot and nailed him.Suffice to say this brought on howls of gleefully evil laughter :D


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6th October 2003

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#22 17 years ago

Map: Insurgent Camp

Weapon: M4M

Team: Defense

Version: 1.6

On defense, we were contunally getting rushed from the right (hill) side. So i decieded that I would go rambo and take them all on. I ran over there at the start of the match.. I was sprinting and someone started shooting. I took the crouch position and started returinging fire. I killed 4 men within 15 seconds. THen i continued to the assult brefing are. I killed another 2 snipers. After that, i waited on the assault hill.. After mabye 20 seconds, i saw 2 opfor in the tent area. Before my 203 temmate could kill them from the building, i offed them both. It just so happened that i killed everyone on their team that round. :)