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#1 12 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to get back to FH2 but before I do that I promised myself that I'll be able t use voip and have a good quality sounds. So I bought mysefl a shiny new Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE sound card and installed it yesterday. Everything was fine and dandy until I tested it in FH2 and later on in vBF2.



So as you can hear all the sounds are working fine except the voice overs which sounds like someone is drowning. I reinstalled BF2 with FH2 with no result. I checked Battlefield 2142 out of curiousity and I didn't find a problem there.

I have all new drivers and my motherboard is ASUS P5E.

Please help me:Puppyeyes:

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#2 12 years ago

did you disable your onboard soundchip in the bios ? if you have one do it, it might be causing that if not disable it anyway to avoid any troubles