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#1 12 years ago

Hi, after a long absence, I have returned to FH as it is one of my favourite game / mods. Having just downloaded the three components, I was pleased to see them install very nicely. I have the original bf42, Road to Rome and updates to 1.61. I thought there may have been an icon or direct link to FH as there was (from memory) for 0.67. My problem is, I can play some of the maps as a single player, but everytime I try to log into a server, it gets to about 70% and then drops out to either desktop or if I use gamespy, to their launch program. I have an adequate machine for this, an AMD 3200 64bit, 1 Gb ram, GF6600gt 128mb, using OB sound or USB headphones,on a Gbyte mobo with nforce chipset. The system is clean as far as old versions as I have just done a complete format & re install. Also, I get maps not installed or something like that when I try some servers. I guess I am a bit vague on that one, but I cannot see what maps are or should be installed in the FH 7. If anyone has any helpful suggestions, I would like to hear them. I am looking forward to the release of FH2 and whn it is released, I will get BF2, so as you can see the system only has this game on it at this point in time. Cheers for now, :bows: