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#1 12 years ago

I have previously instaled forgotten hope on a better computer than this one and it worked fine.

I installed bf1942 deluxe (with road to rome, SWoWW2 and battlecraft 1942), I then installed 1.6, then 1.61 and then the three parts of the FH install, I have repeated this proccess many times (the first time I did not select to install Punkbuster so I had to completely re install).

When I try to play Forgotten Hope with Punkbuster on as soon as I connect to a server or as soon as I spawn my game crashes to the desktop, a small window with 'error....' appears at the top left of my screen but then disappears with an error sound.

However, when I deselect Punkbuster on the menu screen I can connect to servers (though only those with punkbuster not installed) fine. When I play these same servers with Punkbuster on the same crash happens.

I have tried numerous Punkbuster related downloads, I have tried turning off conflicting programs and I have tried toning down my settings and nothing works :mad:

The funny thing is that this is not a problem on normal 1942, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????


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#2 12 years ago

OK this is quite odd...

First of all... a very common mistake made by people is to re-install Battlefield 1942... every problem can be solved by locating the problematic file and fix that.. 95% of Battlefield is Archive .rfa files and maps, and they are simply not affected by these CTD issues, so.. if you have bf42 on your computer, leave it and try to fix the init.con, .exe or PB files related, that saves you lots and lots of time... first of all is init.con, its a small text file (open in notepad) which "initializes" the game, telling it which archive to read from.... the bf1942 init.con should look like this in its original form:

game.CustomGameName BF1942 game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/ game.setCustomGameVersion 1.61 game.setCustomGameUrl "" Game.setMenuMusicFilename "music/slaughter4.bik" Game.setLoadMusicFilename "music/vehicle4.bik" Game.setWinMusicFilename "music/vehicle3.bik" Game.setLoseMusicFilename "music/menu.bik" Game.setCampaignLoseMusicFilename "music/theme2.bik" Game.setDebriefingMusicFilename "music/briefing.bik"

The FH init.con should look like this:

game.setCustomGameName FH game.addModPath Mods/FH/ game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/ game.setCustomGameVersion 0.7 game.customGameFlushArchives 0 game.setCustomGameUrl "" Game.setMenuMusicFilename "music/slaughter4.bik" Game.setLoadMusicFilename "music/vehicle4.bik" Game.setWinMusicFilename "music/vehicle3.bik" Game.setLoseMusicFilename "music/menu.bik" Game.setCampaignLoseMusicFilename "music/theme2.bik" Game.setDebriefingMusicFilename "music/briefing.bik" Now PB, you can download and install, client and patches from Make sure you install them into the right folders, there are two different updates for players, one go into Battlefield1942/Pb and one into Battlefield1942/pb/htm - make sure you put them correctly. Next is the .exe file, if you have installed the anthology and patched it correctly, and you can start them in singleplayer mode, then its ok, your "game" is correct, disconnect issues can either be related to PB or if you have some Xfire/gamespy client that is set to somehow interfere with games... I suggest not to have gamespy on your computer.. If you get that error message up in the corner only when playing FH then to me its really strange... there are no different PB data related to FH that Im aware of, most likely its init, perhaps you somehow got your folders messed up, look that you have FH in the Mods folder etc... I know lots of people that have screwed up folders which causes crashes, this can be for example a map from one mod that ended up in another mod folder, bf1942.exe doesnt like this and will boot you out or not even start if it detects this... In any case, dont delete or uninstall anything, you can manually move and organize your archive very easy, if you familiarize yourself with how the game structure looks.. and its very simple... Can you play FH in singleplayer mode?


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#3 12 years ago

yes, i can, as I said, if punkbuster is off then all is well, but as soon as it is on the problems start. DEFINATELY punkbuster related