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22nd October 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Ive not played FH for around 12 months and decided to give it another go , the thing thats bothering me is the crosshairs when aiming , many many times now i will spot an enemy that hasnt seen me so i'll crouch then aim waiting for my crosshairs to close so i can get a good stable shot , but it seems to me that as im waiting for them to close the dude spots me then aims then kills me with a perfect shot instantaniously like he doesnt have to wait for his crosshairs at all Am i missing something ? is there a special trick to not having to worry about your crosshairs ? or are they using macro's or other means ? Its not lag as i ping around 50 to most servers (4mb connection) and my machine runs the game smooth

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19th July 2005

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#2 14 years ago

They just count on luck with not fully closed cone of fire. If it's just a bit bigger than the target there are big chances that it will be hit. Try it yourselve, there are no tricks or exploits in this case. Only thing the could do is having different weapon in their hands and switching to the rifle since all weapons have own cones of fire and they're affected only if you're using the it.