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29th November 2004

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#1 12 years ago

So ehm, I am sharing something interesting here... Well I think it's interesting... Hmm, perhaps I should get on with it... First of all, my current PC is WAY overpowered for FH...

Anyways about CTD, crash to desktop... Below attemps at fixing it:

- Allowallrefreshrate thingy in the BF setting dir - Other 3dcard drivers - Bios setting (ocing, volt mods) - Windows swap setting (auto manual) - Reinstalling BF/FH (deleting everything) - Reinstallin the entire pc - Turning off msn or other chat thingies - Turning Windows processes off - New mousedrivers (read somewhere logitech drivers could be the cause of CTD) - I actually have a new pc (old one also did CTD) - Poking random people on the street (not recommended, can be dangerous)

None of them worked and I keep getting random crashes when a new map loads up...

So, I acttually have come to accept the CDT... But now I found something new. If I don't touch my mouse (move it) while the loading popup appears ingame and the screen starts to flicker to get to the map loading collage. I don't get a CTD... Now this "seems" to work for me and I'm not saying this is the ultimate fix, but perhaps this is the fix for some of you who have this problem. Now let's hope this isn't going to jinx me :lookaround:

So to all CTD-ers, STOP TOUCHING YOUR MOUSE :naughty: