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#1 13 years ago

I don't know what i should do:buy an extra gig ram or buy an entirely new computer. The problem is that i can't play fh 2 very fluently with my current (old)computer,specs are:1 gig ram,2.7ghz,geforce 6800gt(agp).The game lags severely.Will adding an extra gig of ram improve the performance or doesn't it make sense? I also want to add that ,i really don't need to play the newest games,i only want to play 2 games:fh 2 and red orchestra(which runs much better than fh but still,some maps should be smoother).I really don't need to play high tech games like far cry 2,....I would be very happy to be able to play these 2 games perfectly:nodding:.

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#2 13 years ago

another gig of ram will help a lot, but dont expect any miracles since you gfx card is also quiet outdated. you CPU is fine i guess since bf2 only supports one core a dualcore is not helping that much. and with the current RAM prices it should not be that costly to upgrade some ram unless you need OLD ram which is quiet expensive but new ddr2 ram is really cheap right now. i dont know where you live but her in germany you can get 1GB DDR2-RAM (666-800) for under 20€

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#3 13 years ago

Be aware though that buying the cheapest "brand/none-brand" memory is not always your best bet. Cheap memory tends to be slower and less stable (slower :D) and the price difference between low class brands vs OCZ/Kingston/Corsair/Geil etc... is nothing to write home about. However the performance will be...

Also be sure to buy the exact same ram module as you already own, make them twins to get the best performance and compatibility out of them. Even better would be to actually buy twin modules, but that would mean wasting your already owned module (sell it?).

A side note: More then 2GB of memory is quite useless for gaming purposes as well ;)

Just a quick few tips!