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20th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi Dudes:cheers: , like many many others i had a lot of troubles with FH 0.61::furious: First when i tryed to connect online to play the pc crashed, so I patched my BF from 1.5 to 1.6 and the pc crashed no more (when trying to connect a FH game) but I still got probs: server error! I read a lot of threads and decided to uninstall everything (BF, Desert Combat, FH...) and Delete every Folder or RegKey. Then I Re-Installed BF, the patch, FH (0.6 1/2, 0.6 2/2 and the 0.61 patch) but I Haven't installed yet Desert Combat. I downloaded The All-Seeing Eye with a sharing program and with this tool I set the filters to BF>1.6; MODS>FORGOTTEN HOPES; MAPS>FORGOTTEN HOPES. Magically I found at least twenty servers and actually I Am able to connect in every server I found! And let me tell ya: Forgotten Hopes Really Really RocKs!:nodding: Hope those steps could help at least someone... Keep Trying!