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#1 13 years ago

Hey yea yea, another map load problem, i know what to do if it crashes... or stops... but not this time, this time the map will load... but it will go extremely extremely slow for no reason at all... and when i think that its freezing (cus the bullet loading thing doesnt move) i hit alt-f4 or ctrl-alt-del to cancel, it freezes up completely, it doesnt say 'not responding' just freezes and then after half an our it closes. one time i took me one hour and 35 minutes to load sector 318, ofcourse i didnt wait, i kinda ate supper and watched t.v, this is rediculous, before it took me not even a minute to load any map. I had hooked up a router to my modem for my stupid brothers laptop right before this problem happened by the way, could that be the problem?

come to think of it, that might be it, my Age of mythology would not work mp because of some problem, but when i unhooked the router it worked smoothly, hmmm

If anywone could give me any help loading my maps smoothly again that would be majorly boobies. you can email me at [EMAIL="nowwithpants@hotmail.com"]nowwithpants@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] or just answer here, w/e is easier. kthxby - nick