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#1 14 years ago

Ok , Here's What Happened , I Stopped Playing Fh About A Month Ago For 4 Day's And When I Started The Game Again It Would Load All The Way To The Screen Where You Choose Side's And Pick Your Spawn Point , The Next Screen Up Would Show The Map With Just 2 Spawn Point's And The Score Would Be 0 - 0 , After A Miniute Or So It Would Crash Back To The Resume Game Screen . I've Uninstalled And Reinstalled Everything ( Forgotten Hope - Battelfield 1942 ) At Least 6 Time's , I've Did The Same With Punkbuster And Got All The Latest Update's . I Can't Figure Out What Happened Or What I'm Doing Wrong , I've Installed Evevrything Right I'm Sure Of That And I Still Can't Get The Damn Thing To Run , Anybody Out There Who Can Shed Some Light On My Problem Your Help Would Sure Be Appriciated .



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28th August 2006

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#2 14 years ago

BTW this should be in tech discussion

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:moved: from GD to Help/Support forum.

No offence but your post is rather hard to read, adding paragraphcs and punctation helps. Also don't capitalize your entire post (the forum automatically will decapitalise all letters that are not the first letter of a word). This makes reading easier and thus makes it easier for people to help you. :)

Not sure what your problem is. I probably would just try deleting FH (uninstaller or else simply delete the "FH" folder in your bf1942/mod directory. Then install FH 0.7 again (all 3 files and in the right order).

Also be sure you have the latest version of bf1942 (whatever that may be)!

If that doesn't help deinstall FH and BF1942. Reinstall BF1942 and patch it. Then reinstall FH.