Inadequate O/S Privages, VX2, Punkbuster. Solutions inside. -1 reply

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2nd March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Just recently, over the past 3 days, I got hit with spyware. A certain effect was what I later learned to be VX2 (variant 3, not fixable by adaware's special plugin) screwed my Admin privileges among other things, causing me to be kicked from PB servers with the phrase "Inadequate O/S Privilieges". So, so none of you have to go through what I did, I'm providing a link to the one place on earth that helped me. It's step by step instructions on how to remove the kingpin of spyware so that your regular anti-spyware programs (I had 6 full programs and mannnny little utilities, including MS's new beta inhouse proggyall of no use) can clean up. It requires just 4 free downloads to full rid yourself of your pest. So if you're getting pop ups, nasties, and punkbuster error lines like the one above: follow this link: