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#1 14 years ago

1) Download FH 0.65 - get it from a mirror or via Bittorrent (bittorrent version) - you can find a list of mirrors on our site and in this forum - to download the bittorrent version you need a torrent program 2) DELETE any previous Version you may have on your Pc - go into your Bf Root directory, -> Mods Here you will find a folder called "FH". Delete it. - Also delete FHX if you have installed it (a FHX folder in the "Mods" directory - do NOT move your previous install around or rename it, just delete everything related to FH in this folder. 3) Install 0.65 (Bittorrent) - First you have to extract 0.65 with winrar - to be able to extract 0.65.rar you will have to get the password - The password is: - After extracting, just execute the installation file and follow the guidelines. 4) Install 0.65 (mirror - standard release) - Install 0.65 in the right order by clicking on the installation files: a) Forgotten_Hope_V0-65_Install_1_of_3.exe b) Forgotten_Hope_V0-65_Install_2_of_3.exe c) Forgotten_Hope_V0-65_Install_3_of_3.exe -Let the first installation finish (1of3) and only then go on with the next installation (2of3) 5) Installation Problems - If the Installation seems to have stopped at a certain percentage, DO NOT try to cancel it. 0.65 is a very big mod that takes up quite some time to install - especially on older pcs. The installation just seems to have stopped because of the big files it has to extract. Wait some minutes, usually the installation will proceed then. - If you get an error ,stating that you have an invalid file archive or a similar message, delete all FH Installations and try to install 0.65 again. If this doesnt work, you have to download 0.65 again. Try a different mirror. - For more information and FAQ, visit the FAQ thread in our forums:

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#2 14 years ago

To prevent questions from being asked in 1 thread and not in the other I would like to ask you to use the following link to a copy of this thread located in the general discussion forum: click here to post your questions/comments on this thread


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For a more up to date version check this link. Link