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#1 10 years ago

Okay, so this is the situation:

I downloaded Forgotten Hope and installed it. It works well apart from a couple of problems:

1. Battle of Bulge map crashes when other team's poinst are about 70 or less.

2. Not all of the maps are available to me. I'm missing at least these maps:

Counterattack 1940 Rheinuebung In the hell of Bocage Omaha Beach Charlie Sector Ramelle Neuville Alpenfestung Pavlov's House Stalingrad Berlin Streets Seelow Heights Midway 1942 Tarawa Saipan and Saipan 1944 Iwo Jima

My computer runs with Windows XP and I downloaded the FH 0.7 version.

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16th December 2005

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#2 10 years ago

did you install all 3 .exe files..............?