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#1 16 years ago

Just curious as to the general date of the battles featured on the new maps, Eastern Blitz, Counterattack, and Battle Isle. I'm trying to update the Timeline I have for all maps for use with 0.66. Thanks 1939: FH Fall Weiss – September 1st

1940: Invasion of Norway – April 9th Maginot Line – June 16th (road to rome only) FH Bombing the Reich – July 5th (Bombing of Kiel & Wilhelmshaven both naval towns) Battle of Britain – July 10th

1941: Raid on Agheila – March 24th FH Operation Rheinübung – May 24th FH Atlantic – May 25th (Since this is after the sinking of the Hood, 2nd Carrier should be Victorious) Battle for Crete – May 20th FH Crete – May 20th (the cruiser "beached" must be the York) Operation Battleaxe – June 15th Operation Barbarossa – June 22nd King of the Hill – September 14th (excellent map layout/custom content) Operation Crusader – November 18th Pearl Harbor – December 7th Invasion of the Philippines – December 8th Wake Island – December 23rd

1942: Coral Sea – May 4th Ural Foothills – May 8th Russian Country – May 18th Gazala – May 26th FH Adak (Battle of the Aleutians) – June 3rd ("Dutch Harbor" or "Unalaska Island would be better suited as a title since the attack on Adak was forgone and this map features US as defenders.) Battle of Midway – June 4th Operation Aberdeen – June 5th Tobruk – June 21st El Alamein (1st Battle of) – July 1st Guadalcanal – August 7th Stalingrad Front – September 27th FH Stalingrad – September 30th El Alamein (2nd Battle of) – October 23rd FH Supercharge – November 2nd Operation Torch - November 8th (Anglo-American forces under Lieutenant General Eisenhower landing in Morocco and Algeria against minimal Vichy French resistance) Raid on Agheila – November 23rd FH Desert Rose – December 8th (could be the port of Bizerte)

1943: Stalingrad – January 10th Leningrad – January 12th (Battleships need to be moved back further, otherwise excellent) Kharkov Winter – January 19th (excellent custom content) Battle of Kasserine Pass – February 14th (new version NOT contest winner/built in FH physics?) Telemark – February 16th Kharkov – March 14th Ruhr Valley – May 16th (highly impressive map design, a definite must see) Kursk – July 5th Operation Husky – July 9th Secret Base – July 12th FH Prokhorovka – July 12th FH Orel – August 4th Kbely Airfield – August 7th Kharkov – August 23rd Operation Baytown – September 3rd Salerno – September 9th Corsica – September 14th (needs French, excellent map design) Tarawa – November 20th (custom, excellent map design, plenty of fun) FH Tarawa – November 20th FH Makin – November 20th Rabaul – December 15th FH Valirisk – December 31st (I could find no such city called Valirisk, or event. The map traits however could be Zhitomir, since this city was traded back n' forth during the late fall - winter months of 1943)

1944: Tundra – January 5th Santo Croce – January 15th Battle of Anzio – January 22nd Korsun – January 27th (excellent layout/custom content) FH The Storm – January 28th (Among many choices, it could possibly be Cherkassy) Monte Cassino – February 15th Truk Islands – February 16th Dam Buster – February 18th (excellent layout/custom content) Battle for Rome – May 26th The Night of Nights – June 5th (excellent atmosphere/C-47 featured/SW not needed) Normandy – June 5th (road to rome only) Omaha Beach – June 6th FH Omaha Beach-Charlie Sector – June 6th FH Gold Beach – June 6th Utah Beach (Brecourt Manor) – June 6th (Artillery Dream) Sword Beach – June 6th (needs British Army) Juno Beach – June 6th (needs Canadian Army) Carentan – June 12th Alamo – June 13th (excellent map layout/based on Saving Private Ryan) Saipan – June 15th Saint Sauver – June 16th (excellent/map contest winner, just needs lighting work) FH Karelia – June 21st Fish River(Berzina) – June 28th Bocage – June 29th Mimoyecques – July 6th South of Caen – July 8th (needs Canadian Army) St. Lo – July 9th FH Operation Goodwood – July 18th Liberation of Caen – July 19th Battle for Guam – July 21st Tinian Island – July 24th (few collision errors above trees, otherwise good) FH Breakthrough – July 27th Mortain – August 7th South of Caen – August 8th (needs Canadians) Peenemuende – August 27th Gothic Line – September 10th Battle of Hurtgen Forest – September 13th Nancy – September 14th Peleliu – September 15th (By far the best Custom map I have seen, excellent map design/custom content/looks like real location) Operation Market Garden – September 17th Liberation of Nuenen – September 18th (excellent design/new version NOT contest winner) FH Arnhem – September 21st FH Sector 318 - October 8th (Can't find anything on a "Sector 318" map suggests fall, 1944 which means possibly Aachen) Vercors Mountain – October 23rd Battle of the Bulge – December 16th Battle for Bastogne – December 22nd Ghost Front - December 28th (Download page mentions Alsace, Jan 20th The French First Army under de Lattre made attacks against the Colmar Pocket in Alsace so might fit that placement as well if it featured the French) FH Operation Nordwind - December 31st

1945: FH Foy – January 13th Iwo Jima – February 19th Hellendoorn – March 6th China Sea - March 14th (Possibly Luzon) Hell in the Philippines – March 15th Bridge of Remagen – March 17th Vegrandis – March 24th Operation Widgeon – March 24th (Secret Weapons only) FH Black Knight – March 28th (shares traits of events near Koblenz or Elbe) FH Zielona Gora – March 31st (Seems to be Ratibor in Upper Silesia) Battle for Okinawa – April 1st (an ok map-needs something creative, no other decent Okinawa's I've seen yet) FH Alpenfestung (Po Valley) – April 9th (translated "Alpine Fortress" Po Valley was a location of a major battle in the Alpines late in the war though it was in the Italian Alps) FH Bombing the Reich – April 10th (Bombing of Kiel) Liberation of Harlingen – April 16th (excellent map layout/StuG/needs Canadian army/Road to Rome NOT needed) FH Outskirts of Berlin - April 17th Berlin – April 22nd Eagle’s Nest – April 25th Fall of Berlin – April 30th


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#2 16 years ago

Eastern Blitz - shortly after Fall Weiß -> sep. 39

Counterattack - spring 40

Battle Isle - summer 44