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30th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Okay after a little google searching I've might have come up with the solution to 'some' not all people crashing to desktop. Every BF1942 game iv played crashed to desktop constantly. So an easy answer was discovered. In the sounds option 2nd page theres a 'Hardware Acceleration' button. The fix was to turn this off. So far I played FH for 2 hrs straight (new record) and was extremely happy with it. Only one con about turning the HC off. I get every so often a loss of sound or scratchy noises. The scratchy noises only last about one minute. The loss of sound goes away when another map is loaded. I have a Creative Sound Augidy 2 Z2. Maybe its a sound card issue I do not know. But this so far has stopped all crashing with all BF1942 games. Hopefully this might help some people who are having constant crashing to desktop.