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#11 11 years ago

Don't uninstall BF2, that only as last chance, it's not easy to uninstall it, because sometimes needs some registry work to get rid of it properly

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#12 11 years ago

This happened to me as well.

I don't know what triggered it but I did delete the fh2 cache folder to regenerate the shader cache as I changed settings and FH2 did not regenerate the shaders.

I can restore everything as recommended in the sticky BUT for FH2 is missing in my installation ! I only have the BF2 file. I can tell be the 2006 file date on it.

I'm trying an FH2 reinstall now.

What would have deleted ? The last game I had I exited normally and shutdown the pooter normally as well. Strange. Is it a NAZI trick :Puzzled: ?

EDIT: It worked ! :) If FH complains about not being able to copy fh2 and bf2 folders (yikes, again !), then recreate them in the mydocs\bf\mods directory.


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#13 11 years ago

i got over this problem by right clicking bf2 main directory, properties and unticking the read only, I can only think in my case, after moving my game directories to another drive, and back again after a clean format of my games drive, some of the relevant files got read only properties on them. It worked for me.

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