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3rd June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I know similar threads have been posted about this, but I couldnt seem to find one that was exactly about this, so sorry if this is the second post. Anyway, our server (75th Airborne Division--FH) is running the latest version of FH .61, and runs all maps fine except four. The maps Breakthrough, Fall Weiss, Prokorovka, and Alpenfestung all crash to desktop for anyone that tries to load while the server is running the map. If I look at the remote server screen, it displays it running the map with no problem. This seems to me like it has to be a problem with the server rather than the client thought since everyone in our clan as well as others have the exact same problem. Does anyone have an idea on what could be wrong and what could be done to fix it? Thanks.