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#1 10 years ago

I have a question about setting up a server. We would like players to be able to vote in game for any map - including any of the 16/32/64 player ones - because the numbers playing varies drastically.

Q1 Is this possible, by having all maps in the rotation? Presumably yes. When testing on my own PC, at least, I could. I wasn't working with a dedicated server though.

Q2 How is it possible to tell the different map_sizes_when voting? Because when I was voting in game, the different map sizes appeared to have the same name - making voting confusing.

ie. Battle of Crete Battle of Crete Battle of Crete

Instead of: Battle of Crete 16 Battle of Crete 32 Battle of Crete 64

The Australian FH2 community would be very grateful for your help.