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#1 10 years ago

I can't run BF2 perfectly on medium graphics with 20 bots on each side; no stuttering at all. But somehow with FH2, 15 bots a side and lowest graphics, I get an annoying stutter every 3 seconds, as if I don't have enough memory. It get so bad that I eventually stop concentrating on shooting things and instead I get ready for the next stutter to happen. It's really driving me crazy! How can this be possible? surely if I can run BF2 on medium I should be able to run FH2 on medium as well?


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#2 10 years ago

FH2 does require more power than vanilla BF2 where i can run everything on max, but in FH2 i had to lower some settings. How much RAM do you have? The prices are low at the moment, so maybe you can upgrade to get a better performance.


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#3 10 years ago

Oh okay. I've only got 1GB. Yea I thought It might be a RAM problem so I checked out the prices and they were very cheap, but... that's only for the newer RAM and my board maxes out at DDR 400 :(. 1GB of DDR 400 costs over double of what a gig of DDR2 800 costs! Why do they always do that? :( Well I guess I'll either have to buy a new motherboard as well or just sit around with a gig