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#1 14 years ago

Ok here goes: I formatted my HD recently, everything is brand spanking new. Win XP with SP2. Latest drivers for everything including northbridge, for the video i am running the latest Omegas based on the newest Ati drivers. Installed BF then 1.6 then FH all in the right order. Hardware is: Xp 2600, 2700 Corsair, Tyan 9600 Pro. Here is the problem: Sometimes on some maps ( like Blackknight or Superassault but also others) i get texture corruption in the form of white/gray squares, not everywhere but on things like the gun, some vheicles, tent walls, and when I check the score(tab) they are all over the screen like grey, square freckles. Also sometimes the chat messages get smuged too. Any Ideas? P.S. my vid card is overclocked but everything b4 .65 runs fine including Doom3, no artifacts or anything.