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#1 10 years ago

I can't seem to connect to servers... I recently installed FH 2.1 (complete) on my computer (since i like WW2 realism games) I open the game, all works fine (opening with admin rights since i have windows vista...sigh) I try the multiplayer button and find no servers... I click off a few options like friendly fire on and same mod, and click on refresh...wich results in a pile of FH servers. so i try to connect but i get a warning saying that i don't have the same version. Impressed by this i thought to myself...ok weird...i deleted fh2.1 and installed fh2.0 on it..and still get the same i installed fh2.1 again..and brings me back to nothing... is there a patch or anything i don't know about? or is it just me. When i try to find server through the fh2 toolbox it says that there are no servers with my filter settings.. i never put server settings in there..and when i open filter settings there's nothing there, no presets... Am i doing something wrong here??????


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#2 10 years ago

Typical indicator for an not up to date BF2. Make sure you got the 1.41 patch installed.


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#3 10 years ago

Install first Battlefield 2, then the complete patch 1.41. After that proceed to install the complete 2.1 version of FH2. Actually it should still work to install 1.41 after installing FH 2.1. Then try connecting to this server:

Thats the most popular FH2 server, and around these times it tends to be full.