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#1 10 years ago

Hey guys, Yesterday I installed the Full 2.1 version of FH2. Everything went allright, except the "can't move file" message but I just ignored that. Then I started to seek some multiplayer and when I wanted to join one it blocked me and said: you are running an older version. That seemed rather strange to me, but to be sure I uninstalled FH, downloaded 2.0, installed 2.0, installed 2.0-2.1 patch and tried again. But with no result, it still sais that I am running an older version. Have any of you encountered this problem and found a way to fix it? Kind regards.

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#2 10 years ago

you got the wrong BF2 version do the following uninstall FH2 (if the uninstaller does not work just delete you bf2/mods/fh folder) install the newest BF2 patch, should be version 1.41 EA - Battlefield 2

reinstall fh2 2.1 FULL

solutions to the other problem with the "cant move" can be found here http://forums.filefront.com/fh-help-support/345099-fh2-bf2-troubleshooting.html http://forums.filefront.com/fh-help-support/362556-forgotten-hope-2-1-problems-solutions.html

when you got further questions consult the sticky threads in this forum first and if you still got problems there are a lot of people willing to help