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#1 10 years ago

Lo' all.

Well I've been using Battlecraft 42 for a long time now. However, I feel its time to learn Ed42. I've been following a tutorial until, rather early in I ran into the trouble.

To sum it up:

The directories are not showing up therefore I do not know how to fill them correctly.

I had moved my Ed42.exe to my desktop for easy access ( click and drag ). The tutorial says I should have a folder and what not for it. I must, but I don't access ed42 through it. My dev folder is named "bf_dev". The bf_dev folder is located here "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES". I put it there since I'm always in that folder due to mapping, I figured it would be best. I do remember about 2 weeks or so ago I removed the given paths in the ed42 directories. Leaving it blank, of course.

Here is a picture of the how the tutorial shows it should be ( of course any of you ed42 guys already know what it should look like ).


Mine however looks like this ( no directory paths filled in ).


This is also what mine looks like when I fill in the top path:


So, are any of you guys able to get me through this part?

Thanks, Apple


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#2 10 years ago

Find the directories were you unzipped your .rfa archives and enter the directory paths into their respective fields.


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#3 10 years ago

I think I know what your saying.

But do you mean for instance, path each directory to where I personally extraced the mesh etc. to?