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29th April 2006

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#1 11 years ago

i think if someone get this on a server it could be a massive killing


good luck

screen shots!

i know that you can't wait to kill with this cool stick [COLOR=Black]

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[/COLOR] 93824966bz7.jpg [COLOR=Black]


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[/COLOR] 36790302kc7.jpg [COLOR=Black]


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[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]54795643um6.jpg [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]

wtf, a flame throwing panzer 2? :p [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]

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[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]68889084rh4.jpg [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]

this won't be cool in small maps anyway [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]

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[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]56641545bd1.jpg [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]

smoke nades! (just steal it from a mappack map) [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]

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[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]47003703el9.jpg [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]