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#1 12 years ago

This thread has been made to clean reduce the amount of stickies and to more clearly seperate FH1 and FH2 mapping threads.

This thread will contain links to the old stickies for FH1 mapping. These old stickies should contain useful information for people who mod for FH1.

The following threads are covered (simply click a thread or page name):

[COLOR=Red]Sticky:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Mapping tools[/COLOR] (multipage.gif 1 2 3) Admiral Donutz

[COLOR=Red]Sticky:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Editor 42[/COLOR] (multipage.gif 1 2 3) Admiral Donutz

[COLOR=Red]Sticky:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]FH mapping FAQ/Tutorials[/COLOR] (multipage.gif 1 2) rating_5.gif Admiral Donutz