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4th March 2006

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#21 14 years ago
pvt. AllenHeightmaps can be transformed in Photoshop without any problem to work with Battlefield 2, I tryed it myself with my map. On case of code you're right, much has changed and little would still apply, but models and especially sounds can be 'ported' to Battlefield 2 with more or less drastic changes. And copy rights do not cover stuff made by FH team so much can be actually remade.

true, true, any thing made by the FH devs can and most likely will:naughty: be ported over to BF2, Its not that hard actually. But anything made by Dice, like some of the stock maps and statics is off limits. So maps like El Alemain, midway, guadalcanal will all have to be custom made. There was a post about it over at the bfeditor forums by Dice themselves about it


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28th November 2004

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#22 14 years ago
BourkeyMap looks great, especially the dusty atmosphere with the warhouse/port object placements Sorry but I couldn't avoid describing this campaign if anyone wanted to know about it. Perhaps you could use this material for a description if you ever release the map, although this is just a recollection of a book I read a while back. You might find better sources out there. [COLOR=blue]First Australian battle of WW2. 6th Australain division with British artilley and armour support, attacked Bardia on 3rd January 1941. In two days, the 10,000 or so Australians had captured more than 40,000 men, approximately 400 artillery pieces, 130 tanks and 700 vehicales for the loss of 130 killed and 325 wounded. The British Foreign Secretary Eden reported to Churchill, "Never had so much been surrenedered by so many to so few" obviously playing off the Battle of Britain speech.[/COLOR] Keep up the good work![/quote] I've already found a great map description, but sure I can ad more information to it Also, the custom music loading is "Amazing Grace", obviously played with Bagpipes... I can say that when you hear it, something changes in your behaviour and you just want to fight! [quote='LIGHTNING [NL]']Yep, Bardia was part of Operation Compass, which started in early December 1940 as a 5 day raid against the Italian forces in Egypt. Instead it turned out to be the one of the most succesfull campaigns of World War 2, with over 110,000 Italian soldiers captured and the whole of cyrenaica in allied hands in early February 1941. Good to see people are also interested in early war battles. :D

Definitely I love early war battles... I would say 75% of my maps projects are based on pre d-day Some of them: Breakthrough at Sedan - 1940 Narvik/Trondheim - 1940 Serafimovich - 1942 Operation Dragoon - 1944 Driel - 1944 And many more...


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5th June 2003

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#23 14 years ago
Bourkey [COLOR=blue]The British Foreign Secretary Eden reported to Churchill, "Never had so much been surrenedered by so many to so few" obviously playing off the Battle of Britain speech.[/COLOR]

LOLz so he just said something similar to what Churchil said about pilots in Battle of Britain :)

BTW there was another battle of Bardia in December 1941/January1942.

On 25-th December 1941 Christmas Day gen. Kopański was ordered to sent Carpathian Artilery Regiment to Bardia. After the arrival the Polish suported South-African 2-nd Infantry Division which was attacking the Bardia fortress. German and Italian units were besieged there as the result of "Crusader " operation . Polish regiment owned 32 guns. The attack was started on 31-st December and was finished on 2-nd January 1942. During that time the Polish supported the 3-rd Infantry Brigade . The artilery fired their guns for 45 minutes before the attack and then the infantry started the first phase of capturing fortress which was succesfull. The next attack which took place 1-2-nd January was supported by Polish artilery again. At last the infantry broke out the enemy defeat and conguered the Bardia fortress. 7700 of Italians and 300 Germans surrended. The British lost 139 killed and 300 ijured. Carpathian Artilery Regiment lost two killed and 7 injured. At the same time gen. Kopański was called to the headquaters of British 8-th Army im Tmimi. Gen. Ritchie informed him about the new task which was protecting the northern part of Cirenaica from eventual airdrops or naval-landings as well as enemy attacks from the desert.


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8th August 2006

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#24 14 years ago
Diabolos_Nothing can be ported from vanilla BF1942 to BF2 - not even heightmaps. If you want something like Tobruk, you have to start from zero and redo everything. Porting stuff - code, models, sounds, anything - from BF1942 would constitute as software piracy.

Yes the heightmaps can be ported to bf2, dunno whos spreading this rumor but when bf2 first released i moved over the el al heightmap to the bf2 editor when i was learning it. The height of the map has to be adjusted in the terrain options, and a few changes need to be done to the .raw file, but it works perfectly. As for vehicles, they can 100 percent be pulled over but they would need to be re-exported, and they would need normal maps, finally any static objects you ported would need a re-skin or itd cause engine/memory lag.