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Stefan F

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13th May 2004

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#1 12 years ago

Hey guys

I recently got myself a joypad with analog sticks so i do more then just crashing with airplanes in FH . Now I dont want to practice on live servers as i know how annoying it can be when a noob is flying :) .

I wondered if there was a fan map out there with possibly all the planes that are included with FH so its easy to switch between the types , without reloading a different map each time .

Also if the map contains all the possible vehicles / tanks to practice on that would be a nice bonus , I would host the map and dogfight practice with my friend who also got himself a joypad for this reason .

Any help appreciated , thanks .

Natty Wallo

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16th December 2005

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#2 12 years ago

Its quite noble of you to practice off-line... I am also a nubcase in the cockpit (I can fly, bomb, land etc but not dogfight or do any real good on a full server) but I suggest you play COOP mode on air maps... (Bombing the Reich, Coral Sea etc) if indeed they have coop support.. Other than that, you can have a look at this site: http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattlefield.gamespy.com/index.php

It is the official Battlefield Singleplayer site, just ask in that forum, you have all the best AI-guys there and Im sure some of them have good files or maps for FH with planes etc... I mean imagine playing against bots (who are more noobs than you).. its much better than flying alone, at least for practicing...


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#3 12 years ago

LOL I love dog fights! :) Battle Of Britan! :)

Mad Cat

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28th December 2005

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#4 12 years ago

Dogfightiiiiiing! You'll start getting addicted to it, trust me :D

You can click the link in my sig, it's a plane map i made. It has a story and all so it's not really a training map but it has a quite wide variety of choice between late war fighters in FH, as the battle i created on the map is in 1945.

You have history, info and screens both on the link and in the readme, but it hasn't got any bot support, and has errors on servers. (Very sad because it would be a fun map online :D) But you can still gun things down alone if you really want to...