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9th October 2003

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#41 14 years ago
Erwin Rommel1How about a theoretical Germany invading New York map? KT's on barges, skyscrapers, it of course didn't happen but neither did Alpenfestung. It provides a chance for real creativety and some very unique terrain and battles.

Ahaha, you have been watching that Star Trek serie too lately? They were zapped into another time zone; where Hitler succeeded in invading both Russia and America. But no, although the series were cool, an FH map would not be. Whatever happened to this realism mod?



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2nd January 2005

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#42 14 years ago

I am thinking about making a (later maybe more) maps around Operation Barbarossa, the offensive against Russia.

The idea behind the maps are that you do not have flags to capture but, similar to BoB, you have to eliminate the enemy. The use of artillery and bombers will be very important to winning the maps as all spawns will be linked to some object or another. Once destroyed the objects linked to it are lost forever. So f.i. you could destroy the enemy's airport spawn object and planes will no longer spawn there. Some maps might have ships (lend/lease) and/or factories that will control the spawns. Once destroyed/sunk will limit the spawning of tanks.

I also hope to make an entire campaign out of it and as historical accurate as possible.

Anyone willing to help out with mapping/research is very welcome (first mapping experiance for me)

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16th April 2005

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#43 14 years ago

I am trying to make a Polish map, where the Germans hit a large Polish fortified line (of bunkers, trenches etc.) guarding a bridge. There would also be a town at the other bridge, so the Polish would have to keep their troops balanced between the forts and the town. The forts would also need to be strong enough to hold out against the Germans, forcing the fighting into the town, but would be defenceless from behind. This is loosely based around the battle at Mlawa in early september. Unfourtunatly, I have no mapping skill at all, but hopefully someone else would like to take up this idea. P.S Please excuse the crappiness of the image. Try and imaging something more impressivepleased.gif


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8th February 2005

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#44 14 years ago

Who know something about the battle of wjasma?

I heard, it was the Battle of Moscow Outskirts. Flat Terrain with forrset and snow.


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25th March 2004

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#45 14 years ago

How about a genuine russian steppe map? Most the maps trying to simulate this haven't turned out well at all. Not enough mappers realize there are no trees in the steppe, nothing, just fields and fields of high grass. Perpas to add abit of variety make farmhouses with beetroot fields you can capture. You know how mad Russians get when you touch their beets! But seriously I'd like to see that sort of map which would allow, FINALLY for genuine eastern front tank combat. None of this hiding in the forest crap.

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2nd March 2005

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#46 14 years ago

First I would like to say, that I don't know how to do mapping myself, but I think this could make a really nice map: Battle For Maleme Airfield 1941 One of the major objectives for the German paratroopes that landed on Crete was to take controll of at least one of the major airports of the island, so that supplies and reinforcements could be flown in. If they did not suceed in doing this the whole invasion would fail, and the paratroopers would be stuck on the island without any hope of reinforcements. Due to hard fighting and a bit of luck they mannaged to take controll of the Maleme Airfield west of Chania (Xania), and from there they counquered the island. For more specific info on the battle for Maleme Airfield go to or read Anthony Bevoor's "Crete - the battle and the resistance". Maleme_to_PrisonValley_map_.jpg Crete3.gif Crete7.gif maleme%20area.jpg Maleme_recon_26may.jpg


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5th June 2003

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#47 14 years ago

i've seen some screenshots and great 14 minutes gameplay movie from COD 2. The movie features attack on Pointe Du Hoc on Omaha beach.We have Charlie sector map,but i would like to see a map with Rangers battalion attacking these high clifs of Omaha beach.That would fit better for BF2 expansion with zip lines and that stuff,but if it's doable with BF2 editor and Python scripting it would be great to attack this beach sector with 32 team mates :D and climb on this high cliff using grappeling hooks,the map does not end up on the cliffs it streches far more,through no mans land with after bombing craters,bunkers and trenches to the village,some street and CQB fighting in village,that would be great map. here're some screenshots from Pointe Du Hoc: monument on Pointe Du Hoc some info about PDH overall screens for COD 2 ...another map idea is already being made I guess,it's glider landing of 6th battalion and attack on Pegasus Bridge,only thing i was concerning about this map is Real glider landing it would be great as the beggining of the map :),players are spawning in the gliders until they capture next flag...


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11th April 2005

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#48 14 years ago

A couple ideas. Sorry, no maps or pictures. 1) Raid on Rommel - This would be an objective-based small-unit no-armor action (IMHO FH has far too many armor-heavy maps). Based on British attempts to kidnap/assasinate Rommel before El Alamein. Carried out by commando units, the only vehicles remotely necessary would be jeeps/trucks. Since the concept relies more on stealth than firepower, perhaps this is not the thing for BF42/FH, or not fully supported by the engine. But imagine the fun of a skinned Rommel, and taking a shot at him. 2) Long Range Desert Group/"Desert Rats" - Again, North Africa. LRDG and SAS in heavily armed jeeps, take on fixed fortifications, airfields, convoys. Lot of machinegunning. Mix in some Itaians for .7? 3) Doolittles' Raid - reality doesn't provide for any real contest, so maybe we add some Zeros, plus the very real element of escape/evasion for downed crews. I know, engine doesn't really support anything but a shootout. And needs a lot of new building skinning for Tokyo. 4) 11th Armored meets Hans von Luck at Cagny. Part of Goodwood, and thus a Normandy map which perhaps bores some. But does Goodwood as currently configured include the battery of flak 88's von Luck found in an apple orchard and commandered into taking out 16 Cromwells and Shermans in a short battle? Imagine a pure armor vs. anti-tank-gun battery, with little or no infantry. Teamwork, spotting and coordination a must for both the battery and the armor. Problem is concept supposes a manpower imbalance and limited equipment avialbilty for both sides. Otherwise it becomes the current Goodwood map. I like the idea of a Ludendorff Bridge battle, or the 4-day battle at the bridge over the Havel at the West side of Berlin held by Hitler Jugend (now THERE"s a new uniform to model). If bot-supprted, the AI and aggressivenssfor the HJ would have to be out the roof. You can tell by these "ideas" I'm not a mapper or modder.



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26th May 2005

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#49 14 years ago

I think the liberation of Antwerp is a good idea for a map, as it was quite an important battle, but few people know about it. Also some map about the battle for Meuze river, with the capture of fort Eben-Emael -by elite german glidertroops- could be a cool idea.(


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#50 14 years ago
Dee-Jaý@Hail of Nails: Your Bastogne Map sounds really good. However dont forget that dense forrests kill FPS in BF, so be carefull with the vegitation. Besides that, I wouldn´t add SO much armour. After all the 101st were cut off from supply routs, and I think they didn´t have very much armour to their disposal. And regarding the german armour, dont exagurate. The Allies should only have maybe a Sherman or two, but otherwise need to rely on PAKs and ATs to keep the armour in bay. Just bare that in mind while balancing the map, because especially Tigers and King Tigers are hard to stop as Infantrie... And no, you should not add airsupport. After all that was part of the drama about the Battle of the Buldge. The Airforce coudn´t react to the german offensive, because the weather was so bad. After the weather lighted up, the Airforce came in and owned the german armour so they were forced to retreat... Another thing, try to base the map on Band of Brothers. Most people like playing battles that are based on series and movies they know. Also incluse lots of trenches and foxholes in the forrests before Bastogne aswell as plenty of artillery for the germans. I´m surprised noone has brought it up here yet, since it seem to be the most popular scenario after Omaha Beach. The Night Landing of the Paratroopers on D-Day. Obviusly it would have to be a night map. Its buildup should be similar to Kreta, just with 4 C-47s beeing mobile Spawnpoints. That should be enough room, even for 32 players on the team. I was planning to make the map myself, but I just dont have the patience and skill for stuff like that. But the concept I had in mind looked something like this: D-Day.jpg

hell no the american should have no tanks they had none!!!!!!!!!!