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#1 13 years ago

I have been trying to figure out battlecraft but I just dont understand it. If anybody can help me, Im looking for a midway coop version that has all of the stuff the conquest one has (boats, subs, b-17). I know the bots cannot use it, however, my other 3 brothers and I only play coop and it would be a blast to have all the little extras. Or maybe if there a tutorial on how to add the units.

Thanks Bobby

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#2 13 years ago

Your best and easyest bet to do this is extract the map using WinRFA (coming with Battlefield MDT), then open the .con files located in Conquest folder and have a look at them. I won't be clarifing here how they work, you can notice it yourselve if you'll open them with the notepad. In any way, the ones you're looking for are the ObjectSpawns.con and ObjectSpawnTemaplates.con - they contain information about spawning vehicles. If there are no further difference in control points, their IDs or spawn groups (I think tehre won't be) it'll be easy to do. Open SinglePlayer folder, tehre you'll find same files, now keeping open previous ObjectSpawns.con and ObjectSpawnTemapltes.con open same files in SP folder. Compare and add missing object spawns and their temapltes to .con files of Single Player now, remember to keep the code structure, do not miss any lines. Then save everything and pack back (ofcourse keep back up of the original map), if you have problems with packing it corretly check out Grossadmiral's tutorials. Now see if it works in game.


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#3 13 years ago

Thank you so much I got it to work. Took a bit, but when you get it down its pretty easy.

Thanks Again Bobby